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legg innlegget til favoritter Readily installed spy-bot devices in all forms for sale (Eidsvolls plass, 0159 Oslo, Norway) skjul innlegg vis

We are Consultant Hackers and we conduct private investigations and spying. We conduct the infiltration and we have devices readily installed with functional spyware and spy-bot ready for delivery anywhere in europe within 24 hours and 3 working days anywhere outside europe we'll deliver still. through these devices, you can sneak into any target computer secretly & in the background corrupt all internet browsers as well as softwares to collect browsing history and other sensitive personal data such as username, email address, phone number, passwords and so on. Check your wife's sincerity and don't even hesitate to check your man too because 99% of our male targets seem to have something covered that we are paid to dig out evidence of such. contact me for any inquiries or questions through craigslist.
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